START2ACT Consortium meets in Tilburg for next project steps

START2ACT Consortium meets in Tilburg for next project steps

On 11 and 12 September, CentERdata hosted the second to last START2ACT project meeting at the University of Tilburg (NL). It was a great opportunity to discuss the next steps to be taken before the end of the project’s lifetime.

Here are the main takeaways from the Tilburg meeting:

  • Our interactive e-learning course and forum on energy efficiency will become even more accessible than before – no registration needed;
  • Stay tuned for more ‘Best Practices’ and find out how we have been inspiring SMEs and startups taking part in our activities to save energy at the workplace;
  • We are happy to plan the START2ACT final conference back-to-back with a major event, like the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019;
  • A NEW competition is coming up this autumn – win the START2ACT energy efficiency gadgets for your office and other exciting prizes! In the meantime, check out the previous editions.

Additionally, the START2ACT on-site consultancy for startups and young SMEs provides you with a wide range of solutions for ICT energy efficiency at the workplace.

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