START2ACT in quest for energy efficient winners

START2ACT in quest for energy efficient winners

START2ACT has had a busy month, giving away prizes and challenging SMEs and startups to show the world how they lead by example in terms of energy efficiency.

November’s winner of our Energy Saving Challenge and Bamboustics green speaker is Romanian company TroGo. They promote e-scooter smart mobility systems to reduce GHG emissions and save energy by using Kinetic recovery energy systems on their scooters. Check out their video here!

START2ACT has also gone seasonal, organizing a Christmas Giveaway. Winning the START2ACT goodies totebag was never this easy: participants had to like, retweet and answer to the following question: “How many chapters does START2ACT e-learning have?” The answer was hidden right here.

Didn’t get a chance to enter our Giveaway? No problem! Stay tuned as START2ACT is preparing new giveaways starting next year.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, join our Challenge to get EU-wide visibility and win awesome prizes! All the info you need is here.

A nap energiamegtakarítási tippje!
Ellenőrizd a távollétedben történő áramfogyaszást azzal, hogy minden munkanap kezdetével és végeztével feljegyzed a mérőóra állását. A kettő közötti különbség MINDEN NAP kárba vész. Ezt szem előtt tartva igyekezz minél több intézkedést bevezetni, amely az elpazarolt áramköltségeket a nullához közelíti.

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